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2012 Fall Meeting,                                                 Global Environmental Change

Biogeochemical Cycles over Northern Eurasia

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0800 GC31A Poster Hall (Moscone South) GC31A and GC31B. Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Climatic Change in Northern Eurasia and Their Feedbacks to the Global Earth System. Posters
Presiding: S P Ya. Groisman, UCAR at NOAA National Climatic Data Center; Herman H. Shugart, University of Virginia; Nikolay I. Shiklomanov, George Washington University; Alexander Chernokulsky, Obukhov Inst. of Atmospheric Physics
0800 GC31A-0962 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Greening of the Arctic: Partitioning Warming Versus Reindeer Herbivory for Willow Populations on Yamal Peninsula, Northwest Siberia
Bruce C. Forbes; Marc Macias-Fauria; Pentti Zetterberg; Timo Kumpula
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0963 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Model Estimates of Pan-Arctic Lake and Wetland Methane Emissions
Xiaodong Chen; Theodore J. Bohn; Mikhail Glagolev; Shamil Maksyutov; Dennis P. Lettenmaier
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0964 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Carbon flux estimation for Siberia by inverse modeling constrained by aircraft and tower CO2 measurements
Tazu Saeki; Shamil Maksyutov; Motoki Sasakawa; Toshinobu Machida; Mikhail Arshinov; Pieter P. Tans; Thomas J. Conway; Makoto Saito; Vinu Valsala; Tomohiro Oda; Robert J. Andres
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0800 GC31A-0965 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Widespread Expansion of Boreal Shrublands in the Siberian Low Arctic Is Linked to Cryogenic Disturbance and Geomorphology
erald V. Frost; Howard E. Epstein; Donald A. Walker
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0966 Poster Hall (Moscone South) A decision-tree-based method for reconstructing disturbance history in the Russia boreal forests over 30 years
Dong Chen; Tatiana V. Loboda
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0967 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Temperature and water control on vegetation productivity in Eurasia
Jinjun Tong; Isabella Velicogna; John S. Kimball
POSTER    Abstract
Evgeny Shvetsov
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0800 GC31A-0970 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Improving Large-scale Biomass Burning Carbon Consumption and Emissions Estimates in the Former Soviet Union based on Fire Weather
David J. Westberg; Amber J. Soja; Nadezhda Tchebakova; Elena I. Parfenova; Elena Kukavskaya; Bill de Groot; Douglas McRae; Susan G. Conard; Paul W. Stackhouse, Jr.
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0971 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Fire Impact on Carbon Emissions on Logged and Unlogged Scots pine Forest Sites in Siberia
Galina Ivanova; Elena Kukavskaya; Ludmilla Buryak; Olga Kalenskaya; Anna Bogorodskaya; Susan G. Conard
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
Galina Lysanova; Amber J. Soja
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0800 GC31A-0973 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Zonobiomes, forests, and major forest-forming conifers across Northern Eurasia by the end of the century under climate warming
Nadja Tchebakova; Elena I. Parfenova; Eugene Shvetsov; Amber J. Soja; Susan G. Conard
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0974 Poster Hall (Moscone South) CO2 fluxes at wetland ecosystems in European Russia
Juliya Kurbatova; Elena Astafeva; Dmitrii Ivanov; Vitalii Avilov; Riccardo Valentini
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0975 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Recent Shift in Eurasian Boreal Vegetation Growth Response Associated with Drought Stress
Wolfgang Buermann; Bikash Parida; Martin Jung; Glen M. MacDonald; Compton J. Tucker; Markus Reichstein
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0800 GC31A-0976 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Land cover for Ukraine: the harmonization of remote sensing and ground-based data
Myroslava Lesiv; Dmitry Shchepashchenko; Anatoly Shvidenko; Linda M. See; Rostislav Bun
POSTER    Abstract Presentation
0800 GC31A-0977 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Operational NIR-red Algorithms for Estimating Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Coastal Waters – The Azov Sea Case Study
Wesley Moses; Anatoly A. Gitelson; Sergey Berdnikov; Vladislav Saprygin; Jeffrey H. Bowles; Vasiliy Povazhnyi
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0978 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Vegetation response to extreme climate events on the Mongolian plateau from 2000-2010
Ranjeet John; Jiquan Chen; Zutao Ouyang; Ochirbat Batkishig; Arindam Samanta; Sangram Ganguly; Wenping Yuan; Jingfeng Xiao
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0979 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Change in carbon sequestration and water cost after ecosystem restoration on China’s Loess Plateau: implications on forestation in the semiarid region
Xiaoming Feng
POSTER    Abstract
0800 GC31A-0980 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Understanding the causes of changing grassland use and productivity in Inner Mongolia.
Yaoqi Zhang; Liping Gao; Guanghua Qiao; Jiquan Chen
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31A-0981 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Satellite monitoring the rangeland degradation under the impacts of climatic and socio-economic changes over central Asia
Kun Wang; Li Zhang; Lin Dai; Dongmei Yan
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General NEESPI Presentations
0800 GC31B-0982 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Some General Laws of Chemical Elements Composition Dynamics in the Hydrosphere
Vyacheslav Korzh
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0983 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative in 2012: An Update
Pavel Y. Groisman; Richard G. Lawford; Vladimir Kattsov
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0984 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Web-GIS platform for monitoring and forecasting of regional climate and ecological changes
Evgeny P. Gordov; Vladimir N. Krupchatnikov; Vasily N. Lykosov; Igor Okladnikov; Alexander G. Titov; Tamara M. Shulgina
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation

Cryosphere Studies in Northern Eurasia
Tatiana Khromova; Gennady Nosenko
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0986 Poster Hall (Moscone South) International Field School on Permafrost, Polar Urals, 2012
Dmitry A. Streletskiy; Valery Grebenets; Mikhail Ivanov; Vladimir Sheinkman; Nikolay I. Shiklomanov; Denis Shmelev
INVITED POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0987 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Possible Future Changes in Permafrost and Active Layer Thickness in Northern Eurasia and their Relation to Permafrost Carbon Pool
Sergey S. Marchenko; Vladimir E. Romanovsky; William L. Chapman; John E. Walsh
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0988 Poster Hall (Moscone South) The impact of pan-Arctic snow cover recession on frozen soil heat content
Xiaogang Shi; Dennis P. Lettenmaier
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0989 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Historical Snow Cover and Water Resources Change in central Asia
Hang ZHOU; Elena Aizen; Vladimir B. Aizen
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation

Studies of the Hydrometeorological Cycle in Northern Eurasia
0800 GC31B-0990 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Uncertainties in Arctic Precipitation
Ipshita Majhi; Vladimir A. Alexeev; Jessica E. Cherry; Judah L. Cohen; Pavel Y. Groisman
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0991 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Arctic Land-Surface Temperatures Increasing From 2000 Through 2012 Derived By MODIS Sensors on NASA Earth Observing Satellites
Reginald R. Muskett
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0992 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Terrestrial Arctic Amplification Due to Changes in the Eurasian Soil Thermal Regime
Oliver W. Frauenfeld; Liang Chen; Tingjun Zhang
POSTER    Abstract
0800 GC31B-0993 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Possible climate change over Eurasia under different emission scenarios
Andrei P. Sokolov; Erwan Monier; Xiang Gao
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0994 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Projected hydrologic changes in Northern Eurasia in the 21st century
Ruolan Xu; Tara J. Troy; Eric F. Wood
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0995 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Bayesian Multimodel Projection of Temperature Change in Eurasia
Chiyuan Miao; Qingyun Duan; Chen Wang
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
Olga Bulygina; Natalia Korshunova; Vyacheslav Razuvaev
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GUEST Poster Hall (Moscone South) Precipitation Intensity and Events Distribution Changes in the Extratropics
Richard Knight; Pavel Y. Groisman; Olga G. Zolina; Olga Bulygina
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0997 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Using GRACE and Landsat imagery to assess water balance change due to anthropogenic modification and climate change in the Aral Sea region: 2002-2012
Kirk A. Zmijewski; Richard Becker
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation

Socio-economic Studies in Northern Eurasia
0800 GC31B-0998 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Drought Dynamics and Food Security in Ukraine
Nataliia M. Kussul; Felix Kogan; Tatiana I. Adamenko; Sergii V. Skakun; Oleksii M. Kravchenko; Oleksii A. Kryvobok; Andrii Y. Shelestov; Andrii V. Kolotii; Olga M. Kussul; Alla M. Lavrenyuk
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-0999 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Recreational Industry in the North of European Russia: Case Assessment, Komi Republic
Maya P. Yakovleva; Ekaterina Kuchkina; Nikolay Iyevlev; Sergey Lyaskovsky
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation
0800 GC31B-1000 Poster Hall (Moscone South) Monitoring of Land degradation in the mining impacted areas of Mongolia
Tungalag Amar; Tsolmon Renchin
POSTER    Abstract; Presentation