December 4, 2005. Beginning: 4 PM. Completion: 8 PM
Location: San Francisco, California, Westin Hotel, Union Square, Essex Room


1. Science topics of NEESPI. Pavel Groisman view
• Rationale, Science Plan, First Steps and Science structure: Focus Research Centers (FRC) and Science and Data Support Centers.

2. Focus Research and Science Support Center Presentations
• FRC on Water System Studies. Charles Vörösmarty view
• FRC on Cold Land Processes and Arctic Coastal Studies. Vladimir Romanovsky view
• FRC on Land Use Studies. Dennis Ojima view
• FRC on Atmospheric Aerosol and Air Pollution Studies. Irina Sokolik view
• FRC on Biogeochemical Cycles. Hank Shugart view
• Projected NEESPI FRC Centers, the NEESPI Science and Data Support Centers (BCC, NCDC, RIHMI, ScanEx), and Education Centers. Pavel Groisman view
• Projected NEESPI Science and Data Support Center at Goddard Space Flight Center. Greg Leptoukh

3. Brief presentations by several NEESPI scientists on their ongoing and/or recently launched Projects
• Dennis Lettenmaier view
• Donald (Skip) Walker view
• Judith Curry [oral presentation, no ppt]
• Ge Sun view
• Alexander Gershunov view
• Shamil Maksyutov view

4. NEESPI programmatic issues
• Richard Lawford view

5. IGBP expectations from NEESPI.
• IGBP and its different Core Projects. Guy Brasseur [ppt unavailable]
• Process of project sponsoring by IGBP. Kevin Noone view

6. Discussion.


IGBP Leadership:

• Prof. Guy Brasseur (Chair of IGBP Steering Committee)
• Prof. Karin Lochte (Vice Chair of IGBP Steering Committee)
• Kevin Noone (Executive Director of IGBP)
• Kathy Hibbard (Executive Director of the AIMES Project of IGBP)
• Andi Andreae (co-Chair of iLEAPS Scientific Steering Committee)
• Dennis Ojima (co-Chair of GLP Scientific Steering Committee)
• Charles Vörösmarty (co-Chair of GWSP Scientific Steering Committee).

NEESPI Scientists:

Pavel Groisman, Charles Vörösmarty, Vladimir Romanovsky, Dennis Ojima, Irina Sokolik, Hank Shugart, Gregory Leptoukh, Dennis Lettenmaier, Donald (Skip) Walker, Judith Curry, Ge Sun, Aleksander Gershunov, Shamil Maksyutov, Richard Lawford, Howard Epstein, Michael Rawlins

U.S. Program Managers:

Garik Gutman, NASA LCLUC Program Manager
William Murray, NOAA OGP Program Manager


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