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IPY Project "Cold Land Processes in the Northern Hemisphere" (CLPNH)


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Extracts from the CliC SSG-II report, 6-9 November 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark

The SSG agreed that NEESPI could be a valuable partner for CliC that would help organizing and conducting relevant research in a vast and important region. The group also agreed to coordinate CliC IPY proposals under the cluster "Cold Land processes in the Northern Hemisphere" (NEESPI) and consider an MOU between CliC and NEESPI or another way of formalizing the cooperation arrangements depending on the decisions of ESSP and WCRP with respect of NEESPI.

Follow up on the IPY proposal "Cold Land Processes in the Northern Hemisphere":

This proposal Activity_ID_No:_138 has been approved by the Joint International IPY Committee and is available at the IPY web site. While initiated as a NEESPI activity, the current CLPNH research domain goes beyond the Northern Eurasia and includes the cold regions of North America and Europe. The team of the CLPNH project is listed here.

Some of the CLPNH activities are built around the following three NEESPI Focus Research Centers:
Center_for_Cold_Land_Processes_and_Arctic_Coastal_Studies based at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks, USA,
Center for Water System Studies based at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, Vermont, USA, and
Center for Aerosol Studies based at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Most of the CLPNH activities in Canada are built around the_CRYSYS_Project and in the Russian Federation around a cluster of Research Projects managed by the IPY Program of the Russian Academy of Sciences (The lead institution: RAS Institute of Geography, Director: Acad. Vladimir M. Kotlyakov).

The list of funded Projects under the IPY CLPNH Activity is currently under construction