Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative

Young Scientists School on Environmental Studies at High Elevations

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, September 8 - September 9, 2009

Yalta view

The School Program is currently under construction

The following topics are planned to be covered during an intence two-day-long lecture and practical training schedule:
    Hydrological processes at high elevations (2 to 3 lections)
  1. The fate of the Cryosphere at high elevations of Eurasia
  2. Mountainous Permafrost, observations and modeling
  3. Regional modeling in mountainous regions of Northern Eurasia
  4. Contemporary climatic changes in Northern Eurasia
  5. Climate,paleoclimate, and environment state from snow and ice cores
  6. Projections of the future climate: The use of regional climatic models and statistical methods in mountainous regions
  7. Natural hazards in mountains
  8. CAIAG objectives and current activity
  9. Wind fields in the mountainous terrain
  10. Land cover and land use remote sensing in the mountains
  11. Forestry and land use in the mountains

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