Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative

Selected NEESPI presentations

June 14-18, 2010, Miedzyzdroje, Wolin Island, Poland. The 6th Study Conference on BALTEX. NEESPI has co-sponsored the Conference and the NEESPI scientists contributed to the Scientific Program of the Conference. More information (including abstracts of the Conference presentations) is available at the BALTEX web site.

Selected NEESPI presentations at the conference:

Bildziuh, A., Trafimova, L., Danilovich, I., and Chekan, R. Role of modern changes of snow cover and climate information on river runoff of the Baltic Sea basin of East European plain.

Bulygina, O.N., Groisman, P.Ya., and Razuvaev, V.N. Changes in Snow Cover Characteristics over Northwestern Russia.

Danilovich I. and Chekan R. Frequencies of spring floods in Belarus part of the Baltic Sea Basin related to the atmospheric circulation.

Groisman, P.Ya. NEESPI current status and its objectives within northwestern Eurasia.

Lemeshko, N.A., Vuglinsky, V.S., and Gronskaya, T. Methodological approach for the assessment of the ecological status of urban water bodies (Saint-Petersburg as a case study).

Sazonova, T., Bolondinsky, V., and Pridacha, V. Ecological and hydrological field studies in southern Karelia within the easternmost part of the Baltic Sea Basin in Onego/Ladoga Lakes system .

Speranskaya, N.A. Changes in some elements of the water cycle in the Baltic Sea region.

The Belarus delegation at the Conference.