"Inter-Agency Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative
and Science Review Meeting for the U.S., Europe and Eurasia"
Wyndham Center Hotel, Washington, DC

December 9-10, 2004

Meeting Announcement

Meeting Agenda

Formal List of Participants

Workshop Presentations:
Bindschadler Robert: "International Polar Year"(view)
Canadell Josep: "GCP and NEESPI"(view)
Donald Deering: "NEESPI history, objectives, and general strategy"(view)
Gershenzon Vladimir: "SCANEX and NEESPI"(view)
Groisman Pavel: "NEESPI Science Plan Overview"(view)
Groisman Pavel: "Terrestrial and Costal Ecosystems Interactions with Climate"(view)
Kushlin Andrey: "NEESPI and World Bank"(view)
Lawford Richard: "NEESPI and GEWEX"(view)
Romanovsky Vladimir: "Cold Land Processes; SP-part 4"(view)
Schmullius Christine: "SIBERIA-II"(view)

Sokolik Irina: "Atmospheric Aerosols and Air Pollution; SP-part 5"(view)
Stonebraker Eric: "GLOBE in Northern Eurasia and Potentials for the NEESPI"(view)

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