Proceedings of the Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) Regional Science Team Meeting devoted to the High Latitudes, 2-6 June, Helsinki, Finland. iLEAPS Report Series No 1. (2008)

Venue: University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Meeting programme


Extended abstracts of selected oral and poster presentations at the Meeting

Overview Presentations

The role of NEESPI in GEWEX. R. Lawford

The role of NEESPI in iLEAPS. A. Reissell (delayed)

Russian Academy of Sciences International Polar Year Programs. V. M. Kotlyakov and T. E. Khromova

Scientific Presentations at the IPY 138 Workshop “Cold land processes in the Northern Hemisphere continents and their coastal zones: regional and global climate and societal-ecosystem linkages and Interactions”
Conveners: P.Ya. Groisman and R. Lawford

Energy and water cycle studies in Northern Eurasia

Climatic change in high latitudes of Eurasia. P. Ya. Groisman

Changes in snow cover characteristics over the Russian territory in recent decades. O.N. Bulygina and V.N. Razuvaev (presented by P. Ya. Groisman)

Model performance in simulating snow cover in Northern Eurasia. A. Parvio and K. Jylhä

Hydrologic modeling over the NEESPI domain: Challenges and Progress. T. J. Troy and E. F. Wood

Hydrological changes across the Eurasian Arctic. A. I. Shiklomanov, R. B. Lammers, and I. A. Shiklomanov

Coupling satellite data with snow pack modeling for estimating the continuous fields of snow cover characteristics. L.S. Kuchment, P. Romanov, A. N. Gelfan, V. N. Demidov, and D. Tarpley

Relationships between climate and snow changes, and their economical effect in Northern Eurasia. A. B. Shmakin, D. V. Turkov, V.V. Popova, A.V. Borzenkova

Northeastern Asia: projection of mountain glacier systems based on AOGCM scenario. M. D. Ananicheva and A.N. Krenke

Biogeochemical cycle studies in Northern Eurasia

Quantifying the carbon budget in Northern European Russia: CARBO-North studies. T. Virtanen, S. Susiluoto, and P. Kuhry

Boreal forests in high latitudes of the NEESPI domain. A. Shvidenko, D. Schepaschenko, S. Nilsson, and I. McCallum

Large-scale Vegetation Cover Dynamics under Disturbances and Climatic Changes. H.H. Shugart, J.K. Shuman, N.J. Sherman, and T.V. Loboda

Recent changes in boreal and arctic vegetation and their feedbacks to the climate system. S. J. Goetz and P. S.A. Beck

Modeling of CO2 and CH4 fluxes in the Arctic. Q. Zhuang

Potential climate-induced vegetation change in Siberia in the 21st century. N.M. Tchebakova, E. I. Parfenova, and A. J. Soja

New observational tools

Remote Sensing at High Latitudes – The value of Active Microwave Satellite Data. A. Bartsch, W. Wagner, V. Naeimi, and S. Hasenauer

Investigations of atmospheric aerosol based on the polarization measurements of the twilight sky. O. Ugolnikov

Permafrost Active Layer Observations in the North of Eurasia. N.I. Shiklomanov

Regional LCLUC and Human Dimension: Yamal, West Siberia. Bruce Forbes

Summary of Discussions at IPY #138 Workshop.

Presentations at the Data Availability Workshop “Data Availability for environmental research in the northern half of the NEESPI domain”.
Convener: G. Leptoukh

The NOAA National Climatic Data Center: Data Availability, WDC-A, and GCOS Data Sets. K.A. Shein and H. J. Diamond

Russian Hydrometeorological Data Sets for Northern Eurasia. V. N. Razuvaev and O.N. Bulygina. (presented by P. Ya.Groisman)

The Irkutsk Regional Information System for Environmental Protection. K.Frotscher and R. Lipnyagova

Regional Integrated Monitoring System for the Pan-Arctic (RIMS). A.I. Shiklomanov

Giovanni Services for the NEESPI Domain. G. Leptoukh, S. Shen, T. Loboda, I. Csiszar, P. Romanov, and I. Gerasimov

IASA FOR environmental data holdings for Northern Eurasia. A. Shvidenko, S. Nilsson, D. Schepaschenko, and I. McCallum

NOAA approach to a new climatological observatory in Tiksi, Russia. T. Uttal, I. Petropavlovskikh, S. Oltmans, S. Stephenson, and John Calder

Environmental remote sensing data used at VTT. Tuomas Häme

Data Holdings of the Nordic countries. H. Tuomenvirta (delayed)

Summary of the Data Availability Session.

Participant list