Regional Science Team Meeting devoted to the High Latitudes of the NEESPI domain

June 2-6, 2008, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Day 1. Monday, 2 June 2008

Welcome from the Host Organizations, Introduction and Aims of the Meeting
Anni Reissell, Pavel Groisman, and Richard Lawford

Programmatic talks of the Representatives from International and National Programs, Projects, and Agencies. Chair: Pavel Groisman

WCRP. Ghassem Asrar
RAS. Alexander Georgiadi
NASA. Garik Gutman
ESA. Einar Herland. Presentation is not available.
GEWEX, GEO. Richard Lawford
AIMES. Kathy Hibbard

Research talks on the current status of climate research in the NEESPI region. Chair: Anni Reissell

Recent research topics and plans related to NEESPI at JAMSTEC and other Japanese projects. Tetsuo Ohata
Climatic change in high latitudes of Eurasia. Pavel Groisman

iLEAPS research in Northern Eurasia. Pavel Kabat
Projected changes in frost and snow in northern Europe based on regional climate model simulations. Kirsti Jylhä
Regional LCLUC and Human Dimension. Bruce Forbes

Poster Session. Presentations of the ongoing NEESPI Projects

Welcome reception at University of Helsinki hosted by Vice Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson

Day 2. Tuesday, 3 June 2008.

Topical Lectures. Chair: Garik Gutman

Remote Sensing of the high latitudes. Annett Bartsch
Quantifying the carbon budget in Northern European Russia: CARBONorth studies.Tarmo Virtanen
Boreal forest in high latitudes. Anatoly Shvidenko
Large-scale vegetation cover disturbances. Hank Shugart

Topical Lectures (continuation). Chair: Scott Goetz

Arctic ecosystems and their feedbacks. Scott Goetz
Land Surface Modeling for the NEESPI domain. Eric Wood
Modeling of CO2 and CH4 fluxes in the Arctic. Qianlai Zhuang
Hydrological changes across the Eurasian Arctic. Alex Shiklomanov

Topical Lectures (continuation). Chair: Lauri Laakso

Atmospheric Aerosols in the high latitudes. Irina Sokolik
Air pollution in the Northern Eurasia. Eugeny Genikhovich
Aerosol studies in Pallas, Northern Finland. Veli-Matti Kerminen

Day 3. Wednesday, 4 June 2008

IPY-140 “Hydrological Impact of Arctic Aerosols”. Chair: Irina Sokolik

Aerosol-cloud-precipitation-climate: The interlinked formation processes. Markku Kulmala. Presentation is not available.
Investigations of atmospheric aerosol based on the polarization measurements of the twilight sky. Oleg Ugolnikov
Open discussion

IPY-138 “Cold Land Processes in the Northern Hemisphere continents and their Coastal Zone: Regional and Global Climate and Societal-Ecosystem Linkages and Interactions”. Chair: Richard Lawford

RAS IPY Program: First results. Tatiana Khromova
Permafrost Observations and Modeling in the North Eurasia. Nikolay Shiklomanov
Open discussion (including a briefing about the Russian High Arctic IPY Program).

Young NEESPI (slides). Garik Gutman
New Early-Career Scientist Program at NASA LCLUC Program. Mutlu Ozdogan

Informal break-out groups’ work. Preparation of the workshop documents.

Day 4. Thursday, 5 June 2008
8.00 – 18.00 Field trip to the Hyytiälä Research Station guided by Prof. Timo Vesala.
More details about the station are available here.

Day 5. Friday, 6 June 2008.

Laboratory perspectives on the processes of complex organic aerosols. Yinon Rudich. Presentation is not available.

Data availability and needs. Chair: Gregory Leptoukh. Lead by the representatives of GCOS IIASA, and the NEESPI Science and Data Support Centers

Data availability at the U.S. National Climatic Data Center. GCOS data sets. Karsten Shein
Observations in the Russian Arctic. Data availability at the Russian Research Institute for Hydrometeorological Information. Pavel Groisman
The Irkutsk Regional Information System for Environmental Protection. Karsten Frotscher
Data availability at the NEESPI Focus Research Center for Water System Studies. Alex Shiklomanov
Giovanni System Services for the NEESPI domain. Gregory Leptoukh
IIASA environmental data holdings for Northern Eurasia. Anatoly Shvidenko
Data Holdings of the Nordic countries. Heikki Tuomenvirta
Environmental remote sensing data used in VTT. Tuomas Häme
International Program in the Tiksi Observatory. Irina Petropavlovskikh

General Discussion. Chairs: Pavel Groisman, Garik Gutman
Topic 1: What data we have and what we have not in Northern Eurasia.
Summary of the Data Section Discussion. .
Topic 2: Unresolved issues of contemporary research in high-latitude land areas within IPY 138 Project "Cold land processes in the Northern Hemisphere continents and their coastal zones: regional and global climate and societal-ecosystem linkages and Interactions".
Summary of the IPY-138 Discussion.