General Assembly 2013

Vienna | Austria | 07 – 12 April 2013 | Orals BG5.2

Environmental, Socio-economic and Climatic Changes in Northern Eurasia and their Feedbacks to the Global Earth System
Convener: Pavel Groisman 
Co-Conveners: Shamil Maksyutov , Maria Shahgedanova , and Elena Kukavskaya 

Thursday, 11 Apr 2013
Room: G5
Chairperson: Shamil Maksyutov and Alexander Oltchev
Biogeochemical Cycle over Northern Eurasia

13:30–13:45 EGU2013-10627; Abstract; Presentation
Global change and landscape structure in Ukraine: Ecological and socio-economic implications (solicited)
Anatoly Shvidenko, Petro Lakyda, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Roman Vasylyshyn, and Yuiry Marchuk

Early career scientist presentations

13:45–14:00 EGU2013-1769; Abstract; Presentation
Influence of Logging on the Effects of Wildfire in Siberia
Elena Kukavskaya, Galina Ivanova, Ludmilla Buryak, Olga Kalenskaya, Anna Bogorodskaya, Sergey Zhila, Douglas McRae, and Susan Conard
14:00–14:15 EGU2013-2217; Abstract; Presentation
Fire Danger Estimation in Siberia Using SMOS Data
Eugene Shvetsov
14:15–14:30 EGU2013-1664; Abstract; Presentation
Features of Scots pine radial growth in conditions of provenance trial.
Sergey Kuzmin and Nina Kuzmina
14:30–14:45 EGU2013-8922; Abstract; Presentation
Evaluation of the Snow Regime In Dynamic Vegetation Land Surface Models Using Field Measurements
Euripides Kantzas, Mark Lomas, and Shaun Quegan
14:45–15:00 EGU2013-630; Abstract; Presentation
Wetland classification based on Landsat and its application for methane emission inventory of West Siberian taiga zone
Irina Kleptsova, Shamil Maksyutov, and Mikhail Glagolev
Chairperson: Pavel Groisman and Maria Shahgedanova
NEESPI Program Update, 1min. Update

Energy and Water Cycles over Northern Eurasia

15:30–15:45 EGU2013-3427; Abstract; Presentation
Moisture budget of Northern Eurasia: uncertainties, changes and implications for hydrology of Siberian rivers (solicited)
Vladimir Alexeev, Alexander Shiklomanov, Ipshita Majhi, and Pasha Groisman
15:45–16:00 EGU2013-13618; Abstract; Presentation
Hydrological Responses to Climate Change and to LUCC in Asian Arid Zone (solicited)
Zhaodong Feng
16:00–16:15 EGU2013-18; Abstract; Presentation
Damped summer warming accompanied with cloud cover increase over Northern Eurasia (solicited)
Qiuhong Tang and Guoyong Leng

Early career scientist presentations

16:15–16:30 EGU2013-311; Abstract; Presentation
Towards flood assessment in current and future climate using RCM for northern-eastern Eurasia
Elena Stafeeva and Igor Shkolnik
16:30–16:45 EGU2013-6648; Abstract; Presentation
Climatic Change and Dynamics of Northern Hemisphere Storm-tracks: Changes in Transient Eddies Behavior
Yuliya Martynova and Vladimir Krupchatnikov
16:45–17:00 EGU2013-6686; Abstract; Presentation
Possible future changes in extreme events over Northern Eurasia
Erwan Monier, Andrei Sokolov, and Jeffery Scott