Display Time: Tuesday, 24 Apr 08:00–19:30
Attendance Time: Tuesday, 24 Apr 17:30–19:00
Chairperson: David McCabe and Dmitry Schepaschenko
Climate and Water Cycle Changes over Northern Eurasia

Poster Area BG
BG53 EGU2012-13776 Presentation is not available
Satellite Observation of Large Scale Changes in Climate and Land Use in the Caspian Sea Basin
S. Saatchi, A. Nouri, S. Asefi, A. Shiklomanov, D. Entekhabi, S. Mohammadi, and B. Hedjazi

BG54 EGU2012-3424 Presentation
Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative in 2011-2012: An Update
P.Y. Groisman, R.G. Lawford, and V.M. Kattsov

BG55 EGU2012-3224 Presentation
Changes in duration and intensity of the wet spells of different intensity over Northern Eurasia and North America
P.Y. Groisman, S.K. Gulev, O.G. Zolina, X.L. Wang, O.N. Bulygina, and R.W. Knight

BG56 EGU2012-12138 Presentation is not available
Land cover change impacts and vegetation-climate feedbacks with focus on Eurasia
M. Weiß and B. van den Hurk

BG57 EGU2012-2613 Presentation
Snow Cover Changes over Northern Eurasia from in Situ Observations
O.N Bulygina, V.N Razuvaev, P.Ya Groisman, and N.N Korshunova

BG58 EGU2012-320 Presentation
Influence of circulation and radiative factors on temperature variability over different regions of the Asian territory of Russia
E.V. Kharyutkina, I.I. Ippolitov, and S.V. Loginov

BG59 EGU2012-228 Presentation
Total solar radiation in the Arctic from 1950s to present time: observations at Russian drifting and stationary stations
E.N. Rusina and V.F. Radionov

BG60 EGU2012-10991 Presentation is not available
Lake level dynamics of the Terekhol Lake (Upper Yenisei River Basin, Russia): reconstructions by the dendrochronological and remote sensing methods
E. Kuznetsova and D. Kozlov

Air pollution in Northern Eurasia

BG61 EGU2012-6103 Presentation
The influence of regional urbanization and abnormal weather conditions on the processes of human climatic adaptation on mountain resorts
M. Artamonova, G. Golitsyn, I. Senik, A. Safronov, A. Babyakin, N. Efimenko, N. Povolotskaya, D. Topuriya, and E. Chalaya

BG62 EGU2012-10270 Presentation
Modelling and Evaluation of Environmental Impact due to Continuous Emissions of the Severonickel Plant (Kola Peninsula)
A. Mahura, I. Gonzalez-Aparicio, R. Nuterman, and A. Baklanov

BG63 EGU2012-12366 Presentation
Transboundary Atmospheric Pollution of Oil-Gas Industry Emissions from North Caspian region of Kazakhstan
E. Zakarin, L. Balakay, B. Mirkarimova, A. Mahura, A. Baklanov, and J.H. Sorensen

Biosphere changes in Northern Eurasia.

BG64 EGU2012-9037 Presentation
High rates of methane emissions from south taiga wetland ponds.
M. Glagolev, I. Kleptsova, and S. Maksyutov

BG65 EGU2012-8350 | Presentation
Siberian Earth System Science Cluster - A web-based Geoportal to provide user-friendly Earth Observation Products for supporting NEESPI scientists
J. Eberle, R. Gerlach, S. Hese, and C. Schmullius

BG66 EGU2012-5028 Presentation
Modeling approaches to describe H2O and CO2 exchange in mare ecosystems
A. Olchev, E. Novenko, and E. Volkova

BG67 EGU2012-12492 Presentation
The Role of Climate Change and Human Activities in Northern Eurasia on Global Changes of Land Cover and Land Use and Carbon Biogeochemistry
Q. Zhuang, D. Kicklighter, Y. Cai, N. Tchebakova, E. Parfenova, J. Melillo, J. Reilly, S. Paltsev, A. Sokolov, A. Shvidenko, A. Sirin, G. Zhou, S. Maksyutov, and A. Peregon

BG68 EGU2012-6622 Presentation
Bracketing the range of lake and wetland methane emissions rates in West Siberia using models, in situ observations, and remote sensing
T. Bohn, S. Maksyutov, H.-S. Kim, M. Glagolev, R. Schroeder, K. McDonald, E. Podest, X. Chen, B. Livneh, and D. Lettenmaier

BG69 EGU2012-6798
Analysis of Scots pine forest-seed zoning in Siberia (withdrawn)
N. Kuzmina

BG70 EGU2012-6251 Presentation
Information system of forest growth and productivity by site quality type and elements of forest
V. Khlyustov

BG71 EGU2012-10413 Presentation
Agroclimatic potential in central Siberia in an altered 21st century climate
A. Soja, N. Tchebakova, E. Parfenova, and G. Lysanova

BG72 EGU2012-611 Presentation
Possible climate warming effects on vegetation, forests, biotic (insect, pathogene) disturbances and agriculture in Central Siberia for 1960- 2050
N.M Tchebakova, E.I. Parfenova, A.J. Soja, G.I. Lysanova, Y.N. Baranchikov, and N.A. Kuzmina

BG73 EGU2012-7703 Presentation
Leaf photosynthesis/respiration relationships of different tree species in the northwestern part of Russia.
V. Pridacha, T. Sazonova, and A. Olchev

BG74 EGU2012-7168 Presentation
The water regime of silver (Betula pendula Roth) and Karelian (Betula pendula var. carelica) birches under sufficient and limited soil moisture conditions.
T. Sazonova, V. Pridacha, and A. Olchev

Biosphere changes in Northern Eurasia. Focus on Fires.

BG75 EGU2012-1939 Presentation
Fire Impact on Surface Fuels and Carbon Emissions in Scots pine Logged Sites of Siberia
G.A. Ivanova, E.A. Kukavskaya, A.V. Bogorodskaya, V.A. Ivanov, S.V. Zhila, and S.G. Conard

BG76 EGU2012-204 Presentation
Biomass burning emissions estimates in the boreal forests of Siberia
E.A. Kukavskaya, G.A. Ivanova, A.J. Soja, and S.G. Conard

BG77 EGU2012-733 Presentation
Impact of wildfire emissions on trace gas and aerosol concentration measured at the Zotino Tall Tower Observatory (ZOTTO) in Central Siberia
A. Panov, X. Chi, J. Winderlich, W. Birmili, J.V. Lavrič, and M.O. Andreae

BG78 EGU2012-2029 Presentation
Contribution of agricultural and forest fires in Ukraine to impact of Eurasian burnings on Arctic
S. Zibtsev, J.G. Goldammer, and D. Gilitukha

BG79 EGU2012-5966 Presentation
The distribution of atmospheric black carbon in marine boundary layer over the seas of the western part of the Russian Arctic in September - October 2011
V. P. Shevchenko, A.N. Novigatsky, V.M. Kopeikin, and D.P. Starodymova

BG80 EGU2012-3834 | Presentation
Post-fire succession of ground vegetation of central Siberia in Scots pine forests
N. Kovaleva, G.A. Ivanova, and S.G. Conard

BG81 EGU2012-4776 Presentation
Permafrost as an additional driving factor for the extreme fire event in the boreal Baikal region in 2003
M. Forkel, K. Thonicke, C. Beer, W. Cramer, S. Bartalev, and C. Schmullius

BG82 EGU2012-2547 Presentation
Element transport to riverine system from forest-peatland complexes: ZOTTO footprint area
A.S. Prokushkin, O.S. Pokrovsky, M.A. Korets, L.V. Karpenko, S.V. Titov, and E.-D. Schulze