Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012
Room: 24
Chairperson: Pavel Groisman
Introduction. The current NEESPI Status. Pavel Groisman. 1 min. Presentation

08:30–08:45 EGU2012-161 Presentation
A NASA-NOAA Update on Global Fire Monitoring Capabilities for Studying Fire-Climate Interactions: Focus on Northern Eurasia
G. Gutman and I. Csiszar
08:45–09:00 EGU2012-3713 Presentation
Influence of Climate-induced Vegetation Shifts on Future Land Use and Associated Land Carbon Fluxes in Northern Eurasia
D. W. Kicklighter, Y. Cai, Q. Zhuang, E. I. Parfenova, A. P. Sokolov, J. M. Melillo, and J. M. Reilly
09:00–09:15 EGU2012-2066 Presentation
Long-Term Measurements of Carbon Monoxide and Aerosols at the ZOTTO tall tower, Siberia
M. O. Andreae, W. Birmili, X. Chi, M. Heimann, J. Heintzenberg, E. Mikhailov, and A. Panov
09:15–09:30 EGU2012-4533 Presentation
Trace gases over Northern Eurasia: background level and disturbing factors
A. Skorokhod, R. Shumsky, N. Pankratova, K. Moiseenko, A. Vasileva, E. Berezina, and N. Elansky

Presentations of the NEESPI Early Career Scientists

09:30–09:45 EGU2012-121 Presentation
Wetlands and methane emission in the XXI century: RCM-based projection for Northern Eurasia
A. Pikaleva
09:45–10:00 EGU2012-6202 Presentation
Multi-year black carbon emissions from cropland burning in the Russian Federation utilizing satellite fire data and agricultural statistics
J. McCarty, E. Ellicott, V. Romanenkov, D. Rukhovitch, and P. Koroleva
Chairperson: Meinrat Andreae
Interactions of Environmental Changes and Human Impact in Northern Eurasia

13:30–13:45 EGU2012-7967 Presentation
CO2 and CH4 flux estimates in Central Siberia from a 2-step transport inversion system
J. Winderlich, C. Gerbig, C. Roedenbeck, K. Trusilova, A. Panov, M. Sasakawa, T. Machida, and M. Heimann
10:45–11:00 EGU2012-598 Presentation
Comparison of observed and different reanalysis climatic characteristics over Siberia
T. Shulgina, E. Genina, and E. Gordov
11:00–11:15 EGU2012-4927 Presentation
Dynamical Downscaling over Siberia: Is there an added value in representing recent climate conditions?
K. Klehmet and B. Rockel
11:15–11:30 EGU2012-10986 Presentation
Water vapor and carbon dioxide balances of European Russian southern taiga forests under projected climate change
O. Deshcherevskaya and A. Oltchev
11:30–11:45 EGU2012-747 Presentation
The trajectories and determinants of agricultural land-use change over the last two decades in post-Soviet European Russia
A.V. Prishchepov, D. Müller, A. Sieber, T. Kuemmerle, V.C. Radeloff, and P. Hostert
O. Targulyan, "On-line forest fire monitoring in Russia based on direct acquisition of different types of satellite images" Presentation

Chairperson: Alexander Olchev
Interactions of Environmental Changes and Human Impact in Northern Eurasia

13:30–13:45 EGU2012-5729 Presentation
The environment of nature reserves under anthropogenic load: air transport of pollution to the North of European Russia
A.A. Vinogradova, Yu.A. Ivanova, and A.O. Veremeychik
13:45–14:00 EGU2012-12434 Presentation
Human impacts on Water and Sediment Quality of Selenga River system
S. Chalov, M. Lychagin, and N. Kasimov
14:00–14:15 EGU2012-8544 Presentation
Carbon balance of Russian agricultural land
D. Schepaschenko, A. Shvidenko, and M. Schepaschenko
14:15–14:30 EGU2012-6745 Presentation
Interrelations of global change and Siberia regional climate
E. P. Gordov, M.V. Kabanov, V.N. Krupchatnikov, V.N. Lykosov, Yu.V. Martynova, and T.M. Shulgina
14:30–14:45 EGU2012-6807 Presentation
Analysis of changes in water cycle across Northern Eurasia with Rapid Integrated Mapping and Analysis System (RIMS)
A. Shiklomanov and A. Prusevich
14:45–15:00 EGU2012-10737 Presentation
Evaluation of hydrological outputs from land surface carbon models using river discharge data and earth observations of snow for the pan-arctic region
M. Lomas, E. Kantzas, and S. Quegan