September 1st


Session 1. Modeling and analysis of atmosphere processes


Invited reports


Kurbatsky A.F., Kurbatskaya L.I. Eddy mixing and Global Intermittency of Turbulence in the Environmental Flows of Regional Scale. Presentation

Tolstykh M.A., Shashkin V.V., Yurova A. Yu. Recent developments of the global semi-Lagrangian atmospheric model. Presentation

Iakovlev N.G., Golubeva E.N., Platov G.A. On the formulation of the large-scale Arctic Ocean water and sea ice modeling problem. Presentation in Russian

Groisman P.Ya. and Lawford R.G. Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) in the past two years. Presentation

Frolkis V.A., Kokorin A.M. Assessment of the impact of different stratospheric aerosol models from volcanic origin on the Earth radiation-thermal regime. Presentation in Russian


Lecture:  Zuev V.V. Tropical volcanoes, global ozone depletion, and climate change. Presentation 


NEESPI Workshop Organizing Intermezzo: Breakout into groups; tasks to groups. We envision at least 3 work groups devoted to (a) carbon cycle, (b) energy and water cycle, and (c) socio-economic impact of the ongoing and projected changes.) 


Oral reports


Penenko A.V. Multidimensional variational data assimilation algorithm for convection-diffusion models. Presentation

Konstantinov P.I., Varentsaov M.I., Samsonov T.E. New approaches for thermal exchange processes simulation  in Moscow’s atmospheric boundary layer. Presentation


Reports of Young Scientists’ School participants (in Russian):
Group 1;
Group 2;
Group 3;
Group 4;


Begin of the poster exhibition (since that moment, posters stayed during the entire period of Event

Work in groups


September 2nd


Report of group conveners (30’) Organization of mix groups for cross-cutting approach


Session 2. Modeling and analysis of land surface state and its hydrological regime


Invited report


Georgiadi A.G., Milyukova I.P., Kashutina E.A., Borodin O.O. River run-off in catchment basins of the largest rivers on south macrodecline of Russian plain in warm climatic epochs in the past, present and future. Presentation in Russian  


Oral reports


Zdorovennova G., Zdorovennov R., Palshin N., Terzhevik A. Water temperature, ice and albedo dynamics in a shallow ice-covered lake in spring. Presentation

Dyukarev E.A.,  Gordov E.P., Dyukarev A.G., Autrey B., Lane C.R. Identification, characterization, and functional assessments of isolated wetlands. Presentation


Invites lectures


Qianlai Zhuang  Land-use and land-cover changes and their effects on carbon and water cycling in Northern Eurasia. Presentation  

Shiklomanov A.I., Prusevich A.A. Modeling hydrological processes across Northern Eurasia with a new Water Balance Model - Transport from Anthropogenic and Natural Systems (WBM-TrANS. Presentation )


Invited reports


Olchev A.  Application of a process-based Mixfor-SVAT model to estimate a sensitivity of net CO2 exchange and evapotranspiration of boreal forests to climate changes. Presentation

Marchenko S., Wisser D., Romanovsky V., Chapman W., Frolking S., Walsh J. E. Coupled Hydrological and Thermal Modeling of Permafrost and Active Layer Dynamics: Implications to Permafrost Carbon Pool in Northern Eurasia. Presentation


Work in groups


September 3rd


Report of group conveners 


Session 3. Climate modeling and analysis


Invited reports


Penenko V.V., Tsvetova E.A., Penenko A.V. Advanced variational modeling technologies for environmental studies. Presentation

Perekhodtseva E.V. On the operative hydrodynamic-statistical forecast of summer storm winds and heavy precipitation over the northwest Russia including territory of Karelia. Presentation

Ailikun. MAIRS Review


Oral reports


Moraru E.I., Loginov S.V., Ippolitov I.I. Variability of trends of ocean surface temperature, heat fluxes and effective radiation in Northern Atlantics over 1975-2011 global warming period. Presentation

Ushakov K., Ibrayev R. Simulation of the World Ocean climate by means of the INM – IO RAS numerical model. Presentation



Andrei Sokolov, Erwan Monier, Adam Schlosser, Jeff Scott and Xiang Gao. Studying different sources of uncertainty in the projection of the future climate change over Northern Eurasia. Presentation

Larissa Nazarenko, Nick Tausnev, and Gavin Schmidt. Simulation of the Present and Future Climate Change with the GISS ModelE2. Presentation  


Oral reports


Borzenkova A.V., Shmakin A.B. Changes of climatological conditions of automobile transport functioning in north of European part of Russia. Presentation

Shulgina T.M., Gordov E.P. Temperature and precipitation extreme changes in Siberia. Presentation

Shtabkin Yu. A., Moiseenko K. B. Seasonal variations of CO and NOx near-surface concentrations in central Siberia: observations and model simulations. Presentation


Session 4.  Data and information-computational systems for Earth System Sciences


Invited report

Maksyutov S., Oda T., Saito M., Valsala V. K., Belikov D.A., Ito A. Integrated global carbon cycle modeling system for studies in atmospheric CO2 data assimilation. Presentation




Round-table “Strategic Planning for the post-NEESPI period:

·                    What has and what has not been accomplished

·                    A new suite of NEESPI Science Questions

·                    Organization of the large NEESPI Science Conference in 2015“


Work in groups


September 4th


Session 4.  Data and information-computational systems for Earth System Sciences


Oral report


Okladnikov I.G., Gordov E.P., Titov A.G., Bogomolov V. Yu., Martynova Yu. V., Shulgina T.M. Web-GIS application for analysis of georeferenced data. Presentation


Session 5. Mathematical methods in ecology


Oral reports


Rettieva A.N. Bioresource management problems with asymmetric players. Presentation

Smirnov N.V., Kirillov A.N. Mathematical modeling of nitrification and organic matter oxidation processes in the biological treatment system. Presentation

Tyutyunov Yu., Kovalev O., Titova L., Berdnikov  S. Spatial demo-genetic model for studying phenomena observed during introduction of the ragweed leaf beetle Zygogramma suturalis F. in the south of Russia. Currently unavailable

Kornikov V. (SpbU), Zhigljavskyy A. (Cardiff University) Forecasting Earth temperature records using Singular spectrum Analysis


Short oral reports  (poster introductions)


Session 1. Modeling and analysis of atmosphere processes


Monzikova A.K., Kudryavtsev V.N., and S.E. Larsen . Use of a planetary boundary layer model to estimate wind power potential of the Gulf of Finland. Presentation

Vargin P.N., Peters Diter,  Aksel G. Impact of extratropical Rossby wave trains on planetary wave activity in the polar southern lower stratosphere in September 2002. Presentation

Martynova Yu.V., Zaripov R.B., Krupchatnikov V.N. Sensitivity of WRF ARW forecasts to choice of landuse maps. Presentation


Session 2. Modeling and analysis of land surface state and its hydrological regime


Charles R. Lane, Hongxing Liu, Oleg Anenkhonov, Brad Autrey, and Victor Chepinoga. Using high-resolution multispectral WorldView-2 imagery and Indicator Species Analysis to map freshwater deltaic wetlands


Session 3. Climate modeling and analysis


Martynova Yu.V., Krupchatnikov V.N. The influence of anthropogenic climate forcing on some storm track characteristics in the Northern Hemisphere. Presentation

Morozova P.A., Kislov A.V. Response of mounting glaciation to climate variations: stochastic approach. Presentation


Session 4.  Data and information-computational systems for Earth System Sciences


Arzhanova, N.M., O. N. Bulygina, V. N. Razuvaev.  Roshydromet’s specialized hydrometeorological datasets for climate monitoring and climate research. Presentation

Kadochnikov A.A. Organization of access to observational data using web services for monitoring systems the state of the environment. Presentation

Titov A.G., Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G. Architecture of integrated system of geospatial data services for climate research. Presentation


Session 5. Mathematical methods in ecology


Pridacha V.B., Sazonova Т.А., Оlchev А.V. Effects of environmental conditions on СО2 / Н2О exchange of Betula species in the taiga zone of North-West Russia. Presentation

Kisternaya M.V., Кozlov, V.A., Leri M.M., and Pavlov Yu. L. Forecast of the emerge period of hadrobregmus pertinax (l.) – the pest of the historic timber structures. Presentation

Pavlov Yu., Khvorostyanskaya E. Probabilistic model of host-parasite system. Presentation

Ivashko A. A. Multistage Mate Choice Game with Age Preferences. Presentation


Poster session (posters were presented as short oral reports)


Session 6.  Core environmental activities in Northern Eurasia


Gutman G., Groisman P. The NASA LCLUC Program in Northern Eurasia: An Update. Presentation

Gordov, E.P. Siberia Integrated Regional Study: The state of the art and projections. Presentation

Krutikov, V.A. Arctic dimension of research at the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems (IMCES) of the Siberian Branch of RAS. Presentation

Gordova Yu., Martynova Yu., Shulgina T., Titov A., Genina E., Gorbatenko V., Gordov E., Groisman P., Lykossov V. NEESPI/SIRS capacity building program: from CITES/ENVIROMIS YS conferences to continuous learning on the base of web-GIS platform “Climate”. Presentation


Report of group conveners.


Discussion of the documents about the present state of NEESPI and its future development


September 5th


 Round-table discussion “Role of modeling in integrated assessment of contemporary and future environmental changes over Northern Eurasia”


Discussion on preparation of the EOS Journal paper and the draft of strategic plan for the post-NEESPI period in the northern half of the NEESPI domain We shall link here the EOS paper after it will be accepted by the Journal.