Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative

NEESPI Regional Focus Research Center for Dry Land Processes Studies Inauguration and First Workshop

The Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, November 7 - 8, 2006

As NEESPI is moving forward with its research agenda, the First NEESPI Science Advisory Panel in his decision (February 2006; Item 2.2) strongly recommended an establishment of Regional Focus Research Centers to promote regional participation from local countries and organizations. In particular, it was suggested to establish a Regional FRC in Beijing, China with research foci on the drylands regions of eastern and central Asia. In response to this recommendation, The Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences came with a framework of such regional FRC organization (spring 2006), conducted a preliminary organizational workshop (Beijing, May 2006), and shortly thereafter submitted to the NEESPI Office a full size proposal for the FRC structure and operations. Now the time came to officially inaugurate this FRC. The inauguration procedure was conveniently linked to the First Scientific Workshop dedicated to the Dry Land Processes Studies in Northern Eurasia. Such focus workshops that address specific research issues within the NEESPI domain are vital to the success of the NEESP Initiative. The Workshop was held 7-8 November 2006 at the Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resource Research in Beijing.

Workshop Agenda

November 7, 2006

Session 1. Session Chair, Prof. Jiyuan Liu
8:30-9:05 Opening ceremony of FRC

Jiyuan Liu, Director, The Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
Bojie Fu, Director General, Bureau of Science and Technology for Resources and Environment, CAS, China
Yan Wu, Deputy Director, Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, China
Jiaguo Qi, Director, Center for Global Change and Earth Observations, Michigan State University, USA (view pdf file)
Pavel Groisman, NEESPI Project Scientist, University Corp. for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) at National Climatic Data Center, USA (view pdf file)

Official Inauguration of Regional Focus Research Center for Dry Land Processes Studies in Beijing, China (view Picture 1), (view Picture 2),

9:05 – 9:50
Objectives of the Dry Land Processes Studies view “from outside”, greetings

Alex Georgiadi, NEESPI Project Manager at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia (view pdf file)
Anni Reissell, Integrated Land Ecosystem – Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) International Project Office (view pdf file)
Gerard Begni, Director, MEDIAS-France (view pdf file)

Break 9:50 – 10-05; Group Photo

Session 2. Session Chair, Prof. Jiaguo Qi
10:05 – 12:15
Objectives of the NEESPI FRC for Dry Land Processes Studies, Part 1

Jiyuan Liu, IGSNRR, CAS, China. Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment in China (view large pdf file)
Jun Xia, IGSNRR, CAS, China. Water issues in arid regions of China (view pdf file)
Chen Xi, CAS-Xinjiang Branch, China. Ecological impact of land use and land cover: Change in arid regions of the Xinjiang Province of China during the past 50 years (view pdf file)
Tao Wang, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, CAS, China. Aeolian Desertification in China (view pdf file)
Ernazar Makhmudov, Institute of Water Problems, Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan Hydroecological problems in Uzbekistan: Conditions and improvement measures(view pdf file)
Dechingungaa Dorjgotov, Institute of Geography, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Mongolia. The ecological situation of dry land in Mongolia (view pdf file)
Alexander Zolotokrylin, Institute of Geography, Russia. Monitoring of climate-related component of desertification (view pdf file)
Lin Zhen, IGSNRR, CAS, China. Environmental issues and socio-economic responses in the Mongolia Plateau Region (view pdf file)

Lunch 12:15 - 13:15

16:40 – 18:30 Poster Session Dry Land Processes Studies in Northern Eurasia. The Session will be established in the afternoon and will be concurrent with the Oral Session. Official poster viewing time: 16:40 – 18:30.

Session 3. Session Chair, Dr. Pavel Groisman
13:15 – 14:40
Objectives of the NEESPI FRC for Dry Land Processes Studies, Part 2.

Yongjiu Dai, Beijing Normal University, China. A Conterminous China Soil Characteristics Dataset for Regional Land Surface Processes Modeling (view pdf file)
Vyacheslav Kharuk, Forest Institute, Siberian Branch of RAS, Russia. Climate-induced tree response in the forest-steppe and forest-tundra areas(view pdf file)
Shamil Maksyutov, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan. Research project in Japan: Integrated Research on Carbon Budget Management in Terrestrial Ecosystems of Asia in the 21st Century (S-1)(view pdf file)

Break 14:40 – 15:00

Session 4. Session Chair Acad. Georgy Golitsyn
15:00 – 16:40 Linkages to other NEESPI Focus Research Centers and Integrated Regional Studies
Irina Sokolik, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. NEESPI FRC for Atmospheric Aerosols and Air Pollution Studies(view pdf file)
Vladimir Romanovsky, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, USA. NEESPI FRC for Cold Land Processes Studies(view large pdf file)
Charles Vorosmarty, University of New Hampshire, USA. NEESPI FRC for Water System Studies(view pdf file)
Frits de Vries, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, China. Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (view pdf file)
Dennis Ojima, Colorado State University, USA, NEESPI FRC for Land Use Studies(view pdf file)

16:40 – 18:30 Poster Session official viewing. List of the Posters is presented at theend of the page

16:40 – Reception at the site where posters are set

19:00 Dinner at local restaurant (to be announced during the meeting)

November 8, 2006

Session 5. Session Chair, Prof. Itsushi Uno
8:30 – 9:50 Integration of NEESPI Studies

Kevin Noone, Executive Director, International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (view pdf file)
Guy Brasseur, University National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), USA. Climate Change in the 21st Century.
Masao Mikami, Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan. An overview of the Aeolian Dust Experiment on Climate Impact (ADEC) experiment
Dennis Lettenmaier, University of Washington, USA. Integration in the NEESPI Water Studies (view pdf file)

Break 9:50 – 10-05

Session 6. Chair Prof. Jiyuan Liu
10:05 – 12:00 Outstanding problems of Dry Land Processes Studies. Discussion

Moderators: Qi, Liu, Groisman
Speakers: Zhen Lin (view pdf file), Vladimir Aizen, George Golitsyn, Pavel Groisman (view pdf file), Vladimir Romanovsky, Kevin Noone

Workshop “decision”, Jiyuan Liu (in preparation)

12:00 Adjourn

Posters presented at the Workshop

Predicting plant diversity based on remote sensing products in the semiarid region of Inner Mongolia. Ranjeet John, Jiquan Chen, Nan Lu, Ke Guo, Cunzhu Liang, Yafen Wei, and Asko Noormets ( view pdf file)

NEESPI Science and Data Support Center for Hydrometeorological Information in Obninsk, Russia. Boris Sherstyukov, Vyachesiav Razuvaev, Olga Bulgina, Pavel Groisman ( view large pdf file)

NEESPI - An emerging integrated regional study. Pavel Groisman, et al. (view pdf file)

Studying correlation between aerosols, temperature, clouds, precipitation and fires in the Northern Eurasia Region using the NASA remote sensing data. Gregory Leptoukh, Ivan Csiszar, Peter Romanov, Tatiana Loboda, Irina Gersimov, Suhung Shen, John Farley, Xiaoping Zhang (view pdf file)

GIS training program for Mongolian Young Scientists. Zuhu Yang (view pdf file)

Siberian Earth System Science Cluster. Roman Gerlach, Christiane Schmullius, Martin Herold, and S. Hese ( view pdf file)

Changes of Humid Index and Borderline of Wet and Dry Climate Zone in Northern Part of China Over the past 40 years. Ling Wang (view pdf file)

Eco-compensation in Xilingol Grassland of Inner Mongolia. Guangmei Yang, Qingwen Min, Wenhua Li, Lin Zhen, Jinfeng Rong (view pdf file)

Assessing land use/cover change impacts on carbon sequestration under various climate scenarios in China. Jiaguo Qi, Jiyuan Liu, and Co-Authors (view pdf file)

Carbon storage dynamics in Sphagnum peatlands along the southern limit of their distribution (West Siberia). Anna Peregon (view pdf file)

International Joint Research Center for Environment and Sustainable Development of the Mongolian Plateau Region. Lin Zhen (view pdf file)

Climatology and trends in precipitation intensity in tropical systems over the southeastern United States and Russian Far East: A comparative study. Pavel Ya. Groisman, R.W. Knight, R.W. Raynolds, O.N. Bulygina, and T.R. Karl (view large pdf file)

Energy use and environmental changes inside rural Tibet. Mario Lucas (view pdf file)

Distribution characteristics of 137Cs in wind-eroded soil profile and its use in estimating wind erosion modulus. Yunfeng Hu, Jiyuan Liu, Dafang Zhuang, Hongxia Cao, Huimin Yan, and Fengting Yang (view pdf file)

Assessment of wind erosion hazard using the RBFN model and GIS technique—A case study of Inner Mongolia, China. Huading Shi, Jiyuan Liu, Dafang Zhuang, Yunfeng Hu (view pdf file)

Host: Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research, CAS
Sponsors: NEESPI program, IGSNRR, Michigan State University
Organizers: Pavel Groisman (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), Jiyuan Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Jiaguo Qi (Michigan State University)

List of Participants at the Beijing Workshop

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