GC33F. GC34A. Environmental, Socio-Economic and Climatic Changes in Northern Eurasia and their Feedbacks to the Global Earth System
Conveners: Pavel Groisman (University Corp. for Atmospheric Research at NOAA/NCDC), Shamil Maksyutov (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan), and Erwan Monier (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Ranjit John (Michigan State University) 13:40 PM - 15:40 PM and 16:00 PM - 18:00 PM (Room 3003, Moscone West)


Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative, Update

GC33F-01Assessing the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Carbon Balance of the Terrestrial Biosphere in Response to Climate Change in 1911-2000
Jianlong Li, Chengcheng Gang, and Yizhao Chen, Nanjing University; Jingming Chen, University of Toronto; Jiaguo Qi, Michigan State University; Inakwu Odeh, University of Sydney, and Pavel Groisman UCAR at NOAA/NCDC

GC33F-02 The Influences of Land Surface Properties on Soil Thermal Regimes in the Low Arctic of Northwestern Siberia
Howard Epstein, University of Virginia Main Campus; Gerald Frost, University of Virginia and Alaska Biological Research, Inc.; George Matyshak, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Donald Walker, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Victoria Meakem, University of Virginia Main Campus
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GC33F-03 Potential Influence of Climate-Induced Vegetation Shifts on Future Land Use and Associated Land Carbon Fluxes in Northern Eurasia (invited)
David Kicklighter, Jerry Melillo, and Xiaoliang Lu, MBL; Yongxia Cai, Research Triangle Institute; Qianlai Zhuang, Purdue University; Elena Parfenova and Nadezhda Tchebakova, V.N.Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS; and Sergey Paltsev. Andrei Sokolov, and John Reilly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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GC22D-04. GC33F-04 Simulations of Forest Structure and Biomass across Russia for Biomass Estimation under a Changing Climate.
Herman Shugart and Jacquelyn Shuman, University of Virginia
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GC33F-05 Bottom-up assessment of the Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance of Russian forests in 2010 for comparison to Top-down estimates (invited)
Shamil Maksyutov, National Institute for Environmental Studies; and Anatoly Shvidenko and Dmitry Shchepashchenko, IIASA
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GC33F-06 Divergences of Two Coupled Human and Natural Systems on the Mongolian Plateau (invited)
Jiquan Chen, Michigan State University
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GC33F-07 Assessment of Model Estimates of Land-Atmosphere CO2 Exchange Across Northern Eurasia
Michael Rawlins and Pawlok Dass, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Anthony McGuire, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and John Kimball, The University of Montana
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GC33F-08Changes of paddy rice planting areas in Northeastern Asia from 1986 to 2014 based on Landsat data
Jinwei Dong, Xiangming Xiao, Weili Kou, Yuanwei Qin, Jie Wang, Geli Zhang, Cui Jin, Yuting Zhou, Michael Menarguez, and Berrien Moore, University of Oklahoma
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GC34A-01 Water Control on Vegetation Growth Pattern in Eurasia from GRACE
Geruo A, University of California Irvine; Isabella Velicogna, University of California Irvine and Jet Propulsion Laboratory; John Kimball and Youngwook Kim, The University of Montana
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GC34A-02 Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Cover on Water and Carbon Dynamics in Northern Eurasia
Yaling Liu and Qianlai Zhuang, Purdue University; David Kicklighter, MBL; Nadja Tchebakova, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Jiquan Chen, Michigan State University, and Jerry Melillo, MBL
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GC34A-03 Prospects of the New Science and Outreach Network Baltic Earth with Results of the Second Climate Change Assessment for the Baltic Sea Region (BACC II)
Hans Von Storch and Marcus Reckermann, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research; Anders Omstedt, University of Gothenburg; Markus Meier, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute; and Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala University
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GC34A-04 Arctic Cities and Climate Change: A Geographic Impact Assessment (Invited)
Nikolay Shiklomanov and Dmitry Streletskiy, George Washington University
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GC34A-05 Trend and interannual variability of summer precipitation and the atmospheric water vapor convergence in the Arctic circumpolar region
Tetsuya Hiyama and Hatsuki Fujinami, Nagoya University; Kazuhiro Oshima, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

GC34A-06 Increasing precipitation intensity under a warming climate over Northern Eurasia
Hengchun Ye, California State University Los Angeles, Eric Fetzer, Ali Behrangi, Sun Wong, and Bjorn Lambrigtsen, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Crysti Wnag, Wellesley College; Judah Cohen, Atmos and Environ Res Inc.; and Brandi Gamelin, University of California, Santa Barbra
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GC34A-07 Change in streamflow across Eurasian pan-Arctic, contemporary trajectories and possible causes
Alexander Shiklomanov, University of New Hampshire Main Campus; Dmitry Streletskiy, George Washington University; Pavel Groisman, UCAR at NOAA/NCDC; and ard Lammers, University of New Hampshire
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GC34A-08 Permafrost and Hydrology in the High Latitudes of Eurasia
Dmitry Streletskiy, George Washington University; Nikita Tananaev, Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch; Igor Tokarev, Saint-Petersburg State University; and Alexander Shiklomanov, University of New Hampshire Main Campus
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