Session Information                            Thursday Afternoon

2011 Fall Meeting,                                                 Global Environmental Change

Time Session Location Title
1340-1540 GC43F Moscone West, Room 3003 GC43F. Regional Climate Impacts 7: Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Climatic Changes in Northern Eurasia and Their Feedbacks to the Global Earth System---The Role of Remote Sensing and Integrative Studies II Oral Session
Presiding: P. Ya. Groisman, UCAR at NOAA National Climatic Data Center; A.J. Soja, Aerospace Corp.
1340-1341 GC43F-00 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative in 2011: An Update
Pavel Groisman, Vladimir Kattsov, Richard Lawford
1-minute Information.    Presentation
Christiana C. Schmullius; Christian J. Thiel; Sergey Bartalev; Kirill Emelyanov; Mikhail Korets; Anatoly Shvidenko
INVITED TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-02 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Multi-year black carbon emissions from cropland burning in the Russian Federation
Jessica L. McCarty; Evan A. Ellicott; Vladimir Romanenkov; Dmitry Rukhovitch; Polina Koroleva
INVITED TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-03 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Evaluation of the GOSAT observations of the atmospheric CO2 seasonal cycle in the northern high latitudes
Shamil Maksyutov; Ryu Saito; Tazu Saeki; Dmitry Belikov; Toshinobu Machida; Alexander Ganshin; Ruslan Zhuravlev; Sergey Oshchepkov; Andrey Bril; Yukio Yoshida; Isamu Morino; Tatsuya Yokota
INVITED TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-04 Room 3003 (Moscone West)) Close range, aircraft and satellite monitoring trophic status of inland, estuarine and coastal waters
Anatoly A. Gitelson; Daniela Gurlin; Wesley J. Moses; Sergey V. Berdnikov; Vladislav V. Saprygin
TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1 minute GC43F Room 3003 (Moscone West) In Memory of Anatoly Ivanovich Sukhinin
Amber J. Soja
TRIBUTE    Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-05 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Species Diversity and Response to Climate Change across Siberia
Herman H. Shugart; Jacquelyn K. Shuman
TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-06 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Regional climate extremes in Northern Eurasia associated with atmospheric blockings: Interannual variations and tendencies of change
Igor Mokhov; Mirseid Akperov; Anthony R. Lupo; Alexander V. Chernokulsky; Alexander Timazhev
TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-07 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Analysis of Climatic and Environmental Changes Using CLEARS Web-GIS Information-Computational System: Siberia Case Study
Alexander G. Titov; Evgeny P. Gordov; Igor Okladnikov; Tamara M. Shulgina
TALK    Abstract; Presentation
1340-1540 GC43F-08 Room 3003 (Moscone West) Siberian regional features of climate global change. Recent observations and modeling
Vladimir Krupchatnikov; Evgeny P. Gordov; Michael V. Kabanov; Vasily N. Lykosov; Yuliya Martynova; Victor Stepanenko; Tamara Shulgina
TALK    Abstract; Presentation
---- GC43F-09 Room 3003 (Moscone West) GUEST PRESENTATION
1340-1540 GC43F-09 Room 3003 (Moscone West) A platform to visualize, analyze and improve carbon pools and fluxes datasets:
Dmitry Schepaschenko, Anatoly Shvidenko, Steffen Fritz, Ian McCallum, Christoph Perger, Christian Schill, Florian Kraxner, Michael Obersteiner
TALK    Presentation