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2008 Fall Meeting

Global Environmental Change


Friday Afternoon 1

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1340 GC53C MC 2007 Land-Atmosphere-Cryosphere Interactions in Northern Eurasia III
(joint with A, B, C, H, PP)
Presiding: I Sokolik, Georgia Institute for Technology; V Romanovsky, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
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1340 GC53C-01 MC 2007 Testing a Large-scale Vegetation Cover Dynamics Model under Disturbances and Climatic Changes
*H H Shugart, J K Shuman, O Krankina
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1355 GC53C-02 MC 2007 Effects Of Climate, Permafrost And Fire On Potential Vegetation Change In Siberia In A Warming Climate
*N M Tchebakova, E I Parfenova, A J Soja
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1410 GC53C-03 MC 2007 Land surface phenology, hydrology and CO2 fluxes of forests and grasslands in Northern Eurasia
*X Xiao, C Li, J Kurbatova, A Varlagin, J Zhang, J Wu, W Wu, C Biradar, J Chen
1425 GC53C-04 MC 2007 Climate in the Late 20th and 21st Centuries over the Northern Eurasia: RCM and CMIP3 Simulations
*I M Shkolnik, V A Govorkova, P Y Groisman
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1440 GC53C-05 MC 2007 Quantifying the mean, variability, and trends in the water and energy cycles across NEESPI through modeling and observations
*T J Troy, E F Wood, J Sheffield
  Abstract   Presentation
1455 GC53C-06 MC 2007 Shifts in Seasonal Hydrology Across Northern Eurasia: Emerging Trends and Water Cycle Linkages
*M A Rawlins, H Ye, D Yang, A Shiklomanov
  Abstract   Presentation
1510 GC53C-07 MC 2007 Is Central Asia really exsiccating?
*V B Aizen, E M Aizen, A B Surazakov
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1525 GC53C-08 MC 2007 Observed and projected hydrological changes in the Aral Sea basin
*A Shiklomanov, N Agaltseva, R Lammers
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