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2008 Fall Meeting

Global Environmental Change


Friday Morning 2

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1020 GC52A MC 2007 Land-Atmosphere-Cryosphere Interactions in Northern Eurasia II
(joint with A, B, C, H, PP)
Presiding: P Groisman, UCAR Project Scientist at NOAA National Climatic Data Center; H H Shugart, University of Virginia
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1020 GC52A-01 MC 2007 Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) in 2008: An Overview of the Current Status
*P Y Groisman, V M Kattsov, R Lawford
  Abstract   Presentation
1025 GC52A-02 MC 2007 Integration: A new Frontier for NEESPI
*R Lawford, P Groisman
INVITED   Abstract   Presentation
1035 GC52A-03 MC 2007 Challenges to modeling the energy and water budgets of the Arctic
*J Curry
INVITED   Abstract
1050 GC52A-04 MC 2007 Changes in permafrost in Northern Eurasia
*V E Romanovsky, A L Kholodov, S S Marchenko, G Grosse
  Abstract   Presentation
1105 GC52A-05 MC 2007 Carbon fluxes in the Arctic atmosphere-land-shelf system with epmphasize on the Lena River-Laptev and East-Siberian seas
*I Semiletov, N Shakhova, O Dudarev, I Pipko, S Pugach, A Charkin, D Kosmach
INVITED   Abstract   Presentation
1120 GC52A-06 MC 2007 Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Under Changing Climate in the Eurasian Arctic
*G Gutman, P Groisman, A Reissell
  Abstract   Presentation
1135 GC52A-07 MC 2007 Cumulative effects of rapid climate and land-use changes on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia
*D A Walker, M O Leibman, B C Forbes, H E Epstein
  Abstract   Presentation
1150 GC52A-08 MC 2007 How Strong are Biogeochemical Feedbacks Between Permafrost and the Climate System?
*M Heimann
INVITED   Abstract
1205 GC52A-09 MC 2007 Characterization of Arctic Aerosol and its Climate Forcing ith A-Train Satellite Constellation Observations
*I N Sokolik, H Choi, A Darmenov, A Karabanov
  Abstract   Presentation

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